Nighthawker is a Dutch band that sounds a lot like the 70's, even though all bandmembers were born at least a decade later. The band plays what they call 'adventurous retro rock' with a contemporary twist. Driven by a passion to make music the old fashioned way, there's no interest in making commercially engaging pop music. Keywords like character and soul, improvising and vinyl rank way higher up their checklist.


The band has got more than one trick up their sleeves. From softer compositions up to heavier rock songs, all with hints of different genres. But most of all: Nighthawker sounds like Nighthawker, a bunch of wayward souls with lots of passion and ambition to get their tunes heard. They do know where their bread is buttered though. Names like Led Zeppelin, Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd, The Allman Brothers Band, The Band, The Beatles, The Black Crowes and Crosby, Stills & Nash come to mind.


Ever since the band formed in 2018, they've been very active from the get-go. They've released two EP's that first year ("Escape The Hornets' Nest Side One & Two") and opened for acts like Ten Years After, Robert John & The Wreck and The Dirty Denims. The band also played her third show in the semi-finals of the infamous Dutch band contest 'Nu of Nooit', where they won 'best booking of the night'. On June 26th 2020 they released their first LP "From Wither To Bloom", with a releaseshow at the Nieuwe Nor, after a succesfull crowdfunding for a vinyl release.





Kiki Beemer - Drums, vocals, percussion, acoustic guitar

Steven van der Vegt - Guitar, vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar

Gwen van der Vegt - Guitar, acoustic guitar

Brandon Spies - Bass, keys, backing vocals